Black and White Vintage Collection of Danish Photography Wall Art Mounted Prints


Mid century modern set of three black and white framed prints on fiberboard circa 1970’s, A/S Minerva Reproduktioner, Copenhagen. These hanging art prints are mounted onto a wood black frame perfect for a gallery wall layout and to create depth into a space.

Photos by Erik Olsen, Keld Helmer-Petersen, and Holmsted

Leaf pattern: 10.63″ W, 10.63″ H, 0.88″ D

Trees: 15.69″ W, 5.13″ H, 0.88″ D

Ship Masts: 8.75″ W, 12.38″ H, 0.88″ D

Dimensions: 10.63″ W, .88″ D, 10.63″ H

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